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In Amasra City Center, with modern design, 3 rooms with air conditioning

In the city center of Amasra, single, couple, family And group A clean, tidy accommodation for travelers in the mood…

with kitchen & Socialization Area
02 Modern Room & Bath & Romantic Balcony(for 2 person)
03 Modern Room & Bath & (for 2 people), luxurious and affordable
04 Modern Room & Bath & Classic Balcony (for 2 person)

Air-conditioned, Spacious & Balkane

in 1 room to the front

Three of our different rooms have large balconies. 1 The balcony of the room overlooks the rear.

200m from the beach

Enjoy History, Sea and Nature

to remove in the city centerYou can choose our located rooms.


Our rooms air conditioning in all exists,


Amasra's first hostel

Professionally designed rooms suitable for all ages, consisting of 4 different rooms.

Rooms have coffee and tea and a socializing area